CONTINUE Project: Youth Training in Lithuania

Last week PVM took part in a two day training workshop in Vilnius, Lithuania as part of the CONTINUE E+ Project.

Young mentors from across Europe came together – including Georgia, a Project Worker with PVM – to learn about mentoring and social actions. The training was facilitated by Active Youth and Artemisszio and included a range of interactive activities that helped broaden the mentor’s understanding of how to develop social actions with young people. The workshop consisted of step by step activities which helped them explore social issues, identify what impact these issues have, then produce their own social actions to combat the negative effects.

Hate speech, inequality in the workplace and discrimination towards refugees were all topics that the mentor’s explored. They even got the chance to put their ideas into practice, demonstrating their social actions in Vilnius town centre! The social actions ranged from street theatre, flyer campaigns and public discussions and helped the mentors to gain valuable experience, which they can now pass on to the young people they are working with in their communities.

The next stage of the CONTINUE Project will put the learnings of the Lithuania training into practice. In the case of PVM, Georgia will be working with young people from Gorse Hill Studios in Trafford. They will work with Georgia to develop their own social action project, based on the findings of the Community Reporting sessions and Conversation of Change event that they have been involved with earlier in the project.

We’re really looking forward to seeing what emerges from the next stage of the project, remember to stay tuned for updates!