People’s Voice Media is a charity founded in 1995 and is committed to supporting people to improve their lives and bring about positive social change from the ground up.

We do this by bringing people’s voices together to enable individuals, groups and organisations find better ways to improve their worlds and the world around them. With this vision in mind, our core values are:

  • Collaboration and Equity: These values represent our way of working
    We connect with others to create social change, creating platforms via which people have their voices heard.
  • Authenticity and Integrity: These values represent our behaviour
    These values are how we maintain and evaluate our quality standards in every area of our work.
  • Learning and Evolving: These values represent our approach 
    As an organisation we are open to change and this supports us to develop, innovate and adapt what we do to new contexts.
  • Optimism and Joy: These values represent our mind-set
    We seek to find hope in all situations and bring a positive, solution-focused approach to all that we do.

Through our services and our primary tool of Community Reporting, we are committed to creating change at individual (e.g. skills development, change in behaviour), organisational (e.g. the way a service is delivered, the ways a space is designed) and systemic levels (e.g. policy-making, cultural growth).