Three photographs. From left to right, the first is of two women in a workshop, the second is of a gentleman sharing is story with a lady holding a tablet, the third is of a man delivering a conference workshop.

This year, the People’s Voice Media team has worked incredibly hard on our Annual Learning Report, trying to encapsulate the learnings from our social change work during the 2022/23 period, but also how we have acted upon the learnings from the previous year’s report. In its pages you’ll find out more about our impact, our learning and development, and the future of People’s Voice Media – as well as how this work aligns to our strategic goals.

We’re proud to launch it here today although, in truth, we’ve already begun working on several of the learnings found within. If you have any feedback or questions about the report, feel free to get in touch at

Please note: We’ll be recording and releasing an audio summary of the report in the coming weeks.

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