The CoSIE project is investigating different ways in which public services across Europe can be co-created. In Spain, Valencia Activa and UPV launched the Co-Crea-Te co-working space in January, 2019. Co-Crea-Te offers working space and professional mentoring services to people that are looking to become self-employed. As part of this project, the People’s Voice Media team have been working with Valencia Activa, UPV and the Co-Crea-Te entrepreneurs to use Community Reporting to explore their experiences of the pilot and in setting-up new businesses.

The stories gathered explore a range of topics including:

  • motivations for becoming an entrepreneur
  • challenges entrepreneurs have experienced when establishing and running their ventures
  • what has supported the entrepreneurs on their journeys
  • reflections on co-creation and its links to innovation

Looking specifically at what has helped the Co-Crea-Te entrepreneurs, we discovered that not being alone at the start of your venture was key to people’s success. The entrepreneurs discussed how having supportive mentors, as well as peers at the Co-Crea-Te space with whom they could bounce ideas off, were vital components in creating a sense of community and stopping them from feeling isolated as they set-up their businesses. More so, co-creation and collaboration between people was fostered at the Co-Crea-Te space and this has helped the entrepreneurs immensely. As one entrepreneur stated, “co-creation is fundamental because without a creative environment it is impossible for things to grow and develop”. Click below to read a feature article on the stories.

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