In July I took part in online training in ‘Digital Storytelling for Non-formal Education’ as part of the Eurospectives project. It was originally going to be delivered in Copenhagen but because of Covid-19 it was delivered online. The training was designed by the partner organisations as part of a new curriculum for facilitators in non-formal education. The training ran for 5 days and each day a different area was looked at and delivered by a different partner organisation.  

The training allowed me to learn about new methods in delivering digital storytelling. It explored how it can be used in different ways and in different contexts. We learned how to use digital storytelling in campaign work and how to capture the ‘lived experience’ using digital technology. As well as the practical side we also explored the theoretical side; looking at why storytelling is important, how to establish the context in which you work, the best methods to approach different groups and how to create and measure impact. 

The online platforms that were used were effective and each session was well delivered with expertise and knowledge relevant to the subject area. I particularly like the use of break out groups in Zoom as it was great to be able to discuss in pairs or smaller groups and then feedback. I really enjoyed the interactivity and listening to other people’s views and experiences. There were also some interesting and useful digital platforms that we used and I will use again. 

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