Earlier this month we took part in National Co-Production Week with the Co-Production Oxfordshire team at their 1-day festival. The festival was a mixture of guest speakers, stalls, participatory workshops and experiential opportunities that looked at co-production from different angles.

At the festival we delivered a micro Conversation of Change session in which people could experience how we work with stories of lived experience to create a dialogue amongst people with different perspectives. Using stories gathered as part of the CoSIE project in the workshop and learnings from delivering Conversation of Change events in this project’s pilots in the UK and Italy, participants got to grips with story dialogue techniques and how stories can be used in co-production environments. Feedback from particpants was great and we spotted a post-it note comment that really made our day – “Loved Community Reporting – this should be used as a basis for all service redesign”. 

A big thank you to the Co-Production Oxfordshire for inviting us and it was great to chat to some like-minded folk and share ideas!

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