Wednesday 9th October 2019
10:00am – 4:30pm
Ziferblat, 23 Edge St, Manchester M4 1HW

£175.00 per person (lunch and refreshments included) / Limited places

Looking for alternative methods to tackle ‘wicked’ or multifaceted problems?

Looking for tools to support decision-making in complex environments?

Looking to start or enhance you work with experiential knowledge and data?

Then this workshop is for you… book now!

People’s lived experiences are becoming increasingly important in decision-making processes. They are instrumental to creating new ideas, ways of doing things and ultimately bringing about social change. Within this context, concepts such as ‘co-design’, ‘co-production’ and ‘co-creation’ are becoming more mainstream within a range of public and third sector support services, and are firmly on the agenda of local and national Governments and commissioners. It is therefore important that those working in these fields understand the value of lived experience as a knowledge base and how it can be practically used to inform practiceinfluence policy and initiate change in meaningful ways.

This 1-Day Continued Professional Development workshop will help you develop your knowledge, skills and expertise in how to addresses the challenges of working with the knowledge of lived experience, tying it in to co-creative processes and bottom-up change structures. Through a mixture of practical tasks, case studies and presentations, discussions and one-to-one facilitator time, you will get to grips with such concepts and approaches can be better utilised in your role and organisation. As part of this workshop you will:

  • Explore different types of lived experience and identify how they can be gathered and used at to create impact at individual, organisational and systemic levels
  • Assess the challenges and opportunities to working with the knowledge of lived experience and examine how barriers to implementation can be overcome 
  • Create a bespoke plan for working with the knowledge of lived experience in your role and organisation, and develop your ideas using peer support and critical-thinking approaches 

This workshop is perfect for team, middle and strategic management professionalsworking in sectors such as health and social care, education, community development and infrastructure support and public services who want to understand how to better use lived experience as a tool for quality, service or organisation development. 

The workshop has a limited number of places to ensure quality of experience. Book now! 

About People’s Voice Media

People’s Voice Media is a charity and social enterprise established in 1995 with an extensive history in creating social change from the ground-up. With our digital storytelling methodology – Community Reporting – we support people, groups and organisations to use experiential knowledge and insights from people’s stories to inform change at individual, organisational and systemic levels. Working on a range of local, national and pan-European projects, we have led and innovatated in using lived experience in research projects, service co-creation, community development initiatives and much more.

Dr. Hayley Trowbridge has played a core role in developing and applying our methodology and practice in these arenas over the last few years and will be the lead facilitator on this workshop. With over a decade of experience in creative, education, community development and research sectors, Hayley has a diverse skillset and experience of working with different stakeholders and institutional contexts to apply participatory practices and use experiential knowledge to inform change processes. She currently leads our work on the CoSIE project–  a pan-European applied research study that looks at co-creation practices across Europe, as well as embedding Community Reporting as part of evaluation processes, the co-designing of strategies and service improvement projects at a local and national level with the UK. 

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