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What is the Institute of Community Reporters (ICR) ?

The Institute of Community Reporters was established in 2012 by People’s Voice Media to act as a representative body for trained community reporters across the UK and Europe.

The Institute’s aim is to provide a space for those who are not usually heard, allowing them to use on-line tools to share their stories and experiences with each other and with a wider audience. We use these stories to create conversations that influence and inform people and organisations. Organisations can access the Institute to provide insight on the services or products they offer.

What does the ICR do?

  • Manages the Community Reporter development and learner progression and the  TiPPS approach
  • Manages the Independent, Bronze, Silver and Gold Community Reporter badge scheme that acknowledges the achievements of our reporters 
  • Manages the Social License and provides the train the trainer programme (Platinum members)
  • Hosts Community Reporter content on the website
  • Curates content at a European, national, local and organisational level to feed into policy and consultations
  • Facilitate Conversation of Change events between stakeholders and Reportrs to co-prodcue new ways of working
  • Provides opportunities for social licensees to generate income
  • Manages commissions and ICR projects

Our Quality Assurance:

All members of the Institute of Community Reporters subscribe to the Community Reporter Editorial Policy and Privacy Policy as well as a code of behaviour (Community Reporter best practice). The ICR also deals with any complaints or enquires with regard to content and behavior of Community Reporters. The ICR  has adopted the MRS code of conduct for its commissions and insight work.

How can you join the Institute of Community Reporters network ?

  • If you are an organisation, you can join the ICR by becoming a Social Licensee and replicating the programme in your area.
  • If you are an individual and can demonstrate that you are already able to produce your own content, you can join as an Independent member.
  • If you don't have the experience or skills, see the page "how I can join" to receive training from one of our social licensees to become a Silver or Gold member .
  • If you are interested in the aims of the ICR and want to work with us in any other way, you can join as a Support partner.

Who is in the ICR Network?

We currently have Community Reporter social licensees across the UK (Greater Manchester, Leeds, Merseyside, Cheshire, Cumbria,Yorkshire, Midlands, North East, South Wales, London, Norfolk, Somerset, Devon, South Coast) and across Europe (Sweden, Italy, Germany, Greece, Turkey and Spain). Social licensees also belong to the European Network of Community Reporters

To join the Institute of Community Reporters have a look at our film and fill in the form