The TicTac+55 projects is focused on the development of 6 mobility activities throughout a period of 2 years, where professors from universities across Spain that provide programmes for older people acquire different resources and methodologies that will encourage the learning of digital competencies in older adults. It is an Erasmus+ funded project and lead by the University of Málaga’s Adults+55 Programme.

Our Role

People’s Voice Media was selected as one of the 6 methodologies that would form a learning visit.  As part of the visit, we delivered a 5-Day Community Reporting programme that provided the attendees with an introduction to Community Reporting and how it can be used in different contexts. As part of the programme, participants took part in storytelling activities, developed digital skills and  learned about story analysis. In these activities, they gathered stories of the role of technologies in people’s lives, and from this produced a short report and film (in Spanish).