VOICITYS aims to improve social integration through reinforcing social dialogue and communication in European urban neighbourhoods characterised by diversity. Specifically, it intends to improve and make sustainable the communication and interaction between different social groups, and to deepen dialogue between policy makers, stakeholders and citizens in order to promote a more efficient management of diversity.


Our Role

People’s Voice Media led a research stream that used Community Reporting methodologies to gather and curate stories of lived experiences from residents of Berlin, Budapest, Salford and Sassari. These have been analysed and curated into an interactive report and summative films, and are currently being used as part of Conversation of Change event across Europe. As part of this process, we delivered training-the-trainer programmes, worked directly with residents to gather and curate stories and designed how they will be used to co-create policy recommendations. To deliver the work locally in Salford, we partnered with our Social Licensee – Inspiring Communities Together