The Our Voices project seeks to find innovative ways of curating people’s stories so that the ideas, messages and knowledge within them can be better shared with the people, groups and organisations in a position to use them to create positive change in communities across Europe. A transnational partnership from the UK, Germany (CRN), Sweden (Changemakers), Spain (INTRAS), Italy (COSV) and Poland (CRSMP) have been working together to create a pan-European story curation curriculum, a toolkit for curators working with people with additional education needs and a resource bank for the story curation community. 


Our Role

People’s Voice Media is the project lead on Our Voices and manages all of the activities. We have also led on the development of the curriculum and toolkit, and trained a pan-European team of Curators in this methodology. As part of the project we are supporting these Curators to deliver story curation pilot activities in different settings.