People’s Voice Media provides services that enable voices to be heard in order to influence change and inform practices, processes and policies.

We believe that people telling authentic stories about the experiences that matter to them offers valuable insight into their lives and can help creative positive social change. The practice of Community Reporting can support this by being used as:

  • A research methodology – We can engage citizens in research processes and enable them to participate and set their own research agendas.
  • A co-creation practice – We can support co-creation processes to enable voices to be heard and help people learn from one another.
  • An insight tool – We can provide rich insight into people’s lives that give a better understanding of people’s worlds and the way they live.
  • An evaluation approach – We can support people to articulate their views and perspectives, and reflect on specific experiences.
  • A dialogue creator – We can use stories as stimuli for discussions, enabling various perspectives to be represented and part of a conversation.
  • A community/organisation development apparatus – We can help to develop services and neighbourhoods from the ground up.
  • A professional practice – We can train people to use our methodologies within their work, across a range of sectors.
  • A digital inclusion and skills development training programme – We embed digital literacies and transferable skills into all of our workshops and programmes.

We’ve used Community Reporting in a diverse range of ways as part of UK and European projects, and we are always keen to develop the ways in which the methodology can be adopted.