This is a 3-year project, with Ideas Alliance and People’s Voice Media to explore how we can develop co-production in ways that benefit local people, professionals, and organisations across England, through engaging them in co-production workshops, Community Reporting, annual community learning festivals and a peer support network that connects people and creates a partnership of practice. One of our aims is to move co-production from a buzz word into an embedded practice within grassroots organisations across England to ensure that people have a better life. We want a future where policy, research and service design are informed by the of local people (lived experience) and where collaboration is the heart of what we do not the exception. This way of working is messy, fun, challenging, but can really make a difference to those who are willing to give the time and energy to it. We are not defining what the ‘outcomes’ are!

Our Role

People’s Voice Media will support local partners to demonstrate the value of their work through Community Reporting and empower local people to make a sustainable difference to their lives and communities. We will bring local people together by delivering 72 Community Reporters’ sessions across 36 organisations over 3 years.

We will hold conversations with local people and train them and the organisations we are working with to become Community Reporters to better understand people’s lives in relation to their, local community and the existing services delivered by our local partners, through communities of practice. We will build on what is already working on the ground, whilst supporting our partners to improve services based on the insights and lived experiences of local people.