Learning As You Scale is a practical guide for using data and insights to navigate scaling and complex system change. The guide supports those involved in scaling social innovations to develop and embed a disposition to learn ‘as they scale’. It has been designed specifically for those involved in social innovations who are interested in involving the people for whom the innovation is designed (the beneficiaries) within this scaling and learning process. It can be used by individuals and teams within these types of social innovations who occupy roles connected to evaluation, learning & development, and leadership, governance & strategy.

Our Role

People’s Voice Media worked with Genio, Alexandra Yaghil, Dr. Gorgi Krlev and Stephen Barnett to produce this guide. Our role was to bring specialist knowledge on lived experience storytelling to the piece of work, and support its embedding into the guide as a tool for evaluation, learning and impact assessment. You can download the full guide here: Learning as you scale