HOME? is a heritage project made possible by the Heritage Fund. It focuses on the recent lived experiences of migrants in Northern England. Through Community Reporter stories and Archive Research, we will be exploring what it is and has been like to migrate to Northern England over the past 10 years. We’ll be working with a partnership of 5 local organisations (Global Link, Refugee Women Connect, Leeds Asylum Seekers’ Support Network, Methodist Asylum Project, Dragons Voice) in Leeds, Liverpool, Middlesbrough, Manchester and Lancaster and a national partner, NACCOM.

Our Role: We will be working with partners to gather 100 lived experience stories, looking at how people have settled in (or not) to their new homes, how migrant communities have contributed to where they now live and much more. Through the stories and archive research we want to give a platform to the diversity of voices that make-up communities across Northern England. The results will be showcased on the project’s website, in an animation & a toolkit. 

You can view the Home? Website