The European Cohort Development Project (ECDP) is a Design Study which will create the specification and business case for a European Research Infrastructure that will provide, over the next 25 years, comparative longitudinal survey data on child and young adult well-being. The infrastructure developed by ECDP will subsequently coordinate the first Europe wide cohort survey, which we name EuroCohort. 


Our Role

People’s Voice Media has been working with children and young people in the UK and Croatia to train them as Community Reporters and support them to explore what the concept of ‘wellbeing’ meant to them. Using the stories, the children and young people are working with us to ascertain a set of key findings on wellbeing from the stories. We are using these findings to inform the EDCP study and to create a toolkit for how storytelling can be used to engage children and young people in research projects. To deliver the work in the UK, we collaborated with our Trafford-based Social Licensee – Gorsehill Studios and MMU, and in Croatia we worked with research institute, IVO Pilar