The CoSIE Horizon 2020 project supports the creation of collaborative partnerships between service providers (i.e. public sector agencies, third sector organizations, private companies) and service beneficiaries (i.e. citizens). Its goal is to research, through practical application processes, how public services can be enhanced via co-creation.


Our Role

People’s Voice Media has been working with the 10 public service pilots and 10 academic partners to use Community Reporting as a tool for co-creation. This work is taking place across 10 European countries and seeks to explore how storytelling can support dialogue amongst different stakeholders to enhance service provision. We’ve worked with probation services in the UK, unemployment provision in Spain, rural development initiatives in Estonia and many more, to use insight storytelling strategies combined with curation and story mobilisation processes to the voices of citizens and frontline workers to decision-making processes and enhance public services for the people who access them. The project lead is TUAS