CONTINUE supports young people experiencing social exclusion to tackle the specific challenges of post-COVID times in terms of staying connected and integrated into European communities. The project will be delivered 
by a Consortium of 8 NGOs experienced in youth education and community-based activities. The work involves storytelling, social action projects, policy development, knowledge exchanges, an outreach campaign and the creation of an online platform.

Our Role

People’s Voice Media are leading two work packages in the project. First, in work package 2 we will use Community Reporting as a tool through which young people in 8 different locations across Europe will have the opportunity to speak about the issues that are pertinent to their lives and use these insights to contribute to setting a local agenda for change. It aims to provide tools, techniques and equitable spaces that promote youth engagement in local democracy and civic participation. Secondly, in work package 4 will extract emergent learnings from across the project, and connect them with decision-makers at local and pan-European levels. Through establishing Communities of Practice at both local and pan-European levels comprising of young people, local governance and policy makers, on strategic leaders of youth organisations and other stakeholders, it aims to synthesise these learnings into concrete knowledge that is useful for both policy and practical delivery arenas in the field of youth participation in civil society and democracy. The local delivery part of the project will be realised in partnership with Gorsehill Studios, Trafford, UK.