The project is led by Camden Disability Action and will take on community and Disability-led approaches to the design of a service to address employment disadvantage experienced by Disabled residents and those with long-term health conditions. ‘Disabled people’ is used throughout as an all-encompassing term for people with all impairments (physical, cognitive, sensory, mental health) and people with long term health conditions. Moreover, the capital ‘D’ denotes the social model lens of this work, where Disability is viewed as a social problem rather than a problem with the person.

Our Role

People’s Voice Media will use our Community Reporting approach to gather a diverse set of stories of labour market disadvantage during the pandemic. This will provide a rich dataset of a range of barriers from people with first-hand experience of unemployment, job seeking and working with a disability or health condition. These stories will be used to gather themes and insights and presented to the welfare to work community through a facilitated conversation. This will lay the ground work for the co-production phase that will transform these ideas into reality.