Multimedia CVs

Multimedia CVs are an incredibly powerful tool for people to use to showcase their talents, help them stand out from the crowd and demonstrate ingenuity, skill and creativity to prospective employers.

They are particularly useful for people who may never have worked or who have been away from the labour market for long spells and for whom a traditional CV can be quite daunting.



We work with groups of up to 10 people over three days to:
  • Introduce the concept of a multimedia CV. What is it? Why is it useful? How does it differ from a traditional CV?
  • Plan, shoot and edit a short video that introduces themselves
  • Create a blog to host the video, their written CV and be a place where they can highlight and showcase their employability skills and achievements
  • Show them how to promote their blog to prospective employers
It is intended that they will leave the course with the necessary skills to update their websites on an on-going basis as they accrue skills and experiences over their placements and beyond.

If you'd like know more, or find out how we can work together please contact us.