Staff and Associates

Our staff and associates are based across the UK and Europe and all have gone through our ICR Platinum Plus training, qualifying them to train other trainers. They also contribute to the development of the ICR network as trainers, film makers, project managers and coaches. We also have over 70 platinum trainers across the UK and Europe based in our social licensees which are an additional resource for the network.

Gary Copitch - Chief Executive 

Gary has been Chief Executive of People’s Voice Media since 1999 , he has moved the organisation from a grant funded charity into a successful social enterprise which operates across Europe  in the health, housing, local authority, higher education and third sectors. Gary was awarded a Laureateship from the Leonardo European Corporate Learning award in 2013 for his work on “Crossing Borders” which puts emphasis on outstanding new developments that provoke a fundamental challenge to predominant mind-sets in corporate learning. He has participated in central, regional and local government advisory panels on social inclusion, informal adult education and regeneration. He has co-authored 2 papers with Manchester Metropolitan University on using digital tools to gather views of people and lectured at a number of Universities on social innovation and using digital technology to gather community intelligence in order to co-produce services. Gary has led partnerships to develop new service models and collaborative working across the Third Sector. He has experience of working in the private sector as a senior training manager for Intel Electronics, where he led the introduction of self-managed teams and Intel University. His primary role at PVM is to develop the social licensee network, manage contracts, market PVM services and also encourage more people to listen in order to co-produce new solutions. He founded the Community Reporter story telling movment that caputres lived experinece in 2007 and which has know grown to be a pan europoen movement.

Hayley Trowbirdge 

Hayley has a BA Hons in Screen Studies, completed a Certificate to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector, is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and has completed a PHD on the distribution of contemporary independent film.  She has been working in the field of informal education and formal education for the last 13 years, with third sector organisations, within the creative industries and with further and higher education institutions. She has been at People's Voice Media since 2015 and developed  the Community Reporter curriculum including their curation and story mobilisation approach. She has delivered Community Reporter programmes to a variety of excluded and marginalised groups across the UK and Europe as well as working with professionals in research, public sector and other industries to embedded this methodology into their practice. Hayley delivers training to new ICR trainers and quality assure their practice in Community Reporting techniques and skills

Anna Allen

Anna has extensive experience of working with community, voluntary, private and public sectors having worked on projects both at home and abroad. Her work assignments in the past decade have ranged from delivering a multimillion-pound portfolio of Government-sponsored cohesion programmes to supporting grassroots community groups. Since 2011 she has been working as a freelance consultant specialising in community development and engagement, facilitation and training, using creative media (film and photography) to empower and involve people. Anna brings a strong background in media skills and community development and experience of working with a variety groups to give them a voice.

Matt Bell

Matt is the Community Reporter Development Worker for the ICR social licensee Inspiring Communities Together, and his role is to train community reporters across Salford. He runs a variety of Silver and Gold courses with specialist experience working with young people and older people, and has run training in the housing, community and health sectors. Matt has worked in community radio and has skills in audio production. He believes that giving everyone the chance to share their stories in whatever way they choose is important and likes the challenge of supporting people’s development so they can grow.

Cheryl Twomey

Cheryl started work in the world of advertising, assisting photographers across the North West of England and beyond. She has continued to work in the creative industries ever since, becoming experienced across many sectors of multi-media production, including photography, film, video, animation and CGI across commercial, corporate, public & third sector client groups.
 Cheryl acted as lead artist & facilitator on several community arts projects working with a diverse range of people and groups for organizations such as The Cornerhouse, Crewe County Council, Carr Gomm;Housing Association, Freedom From Torture, Open Arts Mental Health Training, Foyer Federation.Having met a huge number of fascinating people throughout her career, Cheryl has honed her skills as an interviewer now her passion for talking to people has become a key part of her work. As an Associate of Peoples Voice Media she has delivered training courses in community reporting as well as producing films for ICR clients across the UK. Cheryl enjoys the opportunity to enable & empower communities to produce their own authentic conversation to a meaningful focused purpose.

Peter Lord

Pete is an experienced programmer who develops and manages the PVM and web site. Pete is a drupal programmer whose knowledge of the web and its tools is extensive. Coming from an electronics background, he has learned programming skills over many years and is a mine of information on latest developments on the web