Overcoming the Barriers

Overcoming the Barriers was a six month pilot to understand more about the barriers ex service personnel face when they need to access mental health services. The pilot was commissioned by NHS England and took place between October 2015 and March 2016. Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust led the pilot and worked in partnership with Walking with the Wounded, Veterans in Communities and Inspiration NW Ltd.

The purpose of this webpage is to provide the engagement reports and outcomes from the pilot.The engagement elements of the pilot were led by Inspiration NW who worked in partnership with Peoples Voice Media, Good4Health and 3rd Degree.

Final Engagement Report

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Appendix 1:  Mobile first campaign governance

Appendix 2:  Mobile first full report

Appendix 3:  Feedback from action learning events

Films to support Conversation of Change Events:

Community reporters


A flavour of the Conversation of Change events

Veterans our continuing to engage and report through the community reporters website:

Some of the many veterans' stories can be found on the communityreporter.net website