What we can do for you

Community Reproters

1. Ask the network.

Want a broad, wide reaching insight into people's thoughts on a service or product, their worries or concerns, their suggestions or bight ideas? Ask the network. With over 1700 reporters in ten different countries we can always find the people you need to talk to.

2. Join the network.

Do you already work with a group - service users, employees, residents, students - and want to learn how to engage with them in a meaningful way or get their voices heard. Join the network and we will show you how to implement strategies that give you the results you need as well show you how to earn income through  the reselling of the programme. By joining the network reporters can continue to  provide there stories on our communityreporter.net web site once the project is complete 

3. Commission a piece of work.

Through our Community Reporting for Insight , Community Reporting for Co-Production and Community Reporting for Story Telling  approaches we are expert at finding out  user voice. We can also create bespoke training activity to develop the skills of groups and individuals to support them to tell their stories. So if you need a one-of intervention are interested in commissioning us or running community reporter course  contact us today. All commissioned work is quality assured by the Institute of Community Reporters. All  commissions our curated to ensure authenticity of the findings and provide an easy way to present back the insight and findings to you.  You can download our curatation methodology here

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