Our approach

We care about giving people a voice.  We support people to tell their story ....we  connect the stories with those who need to know in order to change or improve the ways things are done ....we sustain the story teller through our reporter network ....

1. Working with people for greater authenticity.

At the heart of our methodology is the belief that you gain greater authenticity if people are able to talk to their peers, their neighbours, friends, colleagues. We are not a market research company that flies in, conducts interviews and flies out again. Rather, we give the skills required to the people who already live / work / volunteer in the places that you require insights from. Experience shows us that this leads to a much greater authenticity and depth of response.

2. Options for depth and breadth.

We train people to listen and engage with their peers in meaningful conversations. Our work with many clients show us that meaningful can mean different things at different times. Sometimes breadth is required - numerous quick reactions to ascertain the range or commonality of response. Other times, its more about depth, focusing on the few and working with them to gather deeper, richer insights.

3. Sustained activity.

The beauty of this methodology is that, once trained, the reporters continue  to provide stories and become members of the Institute of Community Reporters. They are a resource that can be called upon again and again. This can be an on-going relationship, where reporters value the role they play and grow in skill and confidence, and you can deploy the team to talk to people on a range of different topics.

4. All about the all of us.

The final piece of the puzzle is that great insight can be gathered by working with one group, one business or in one locality. But having a network that spans ten different countries and numerous communities offers even greater opportunity to be curious, ask questions, compare experiences and share learning across borders. By curating this content  we can start to bring meaning to the stories and share the insight in a targeted manner.

5. Use the Insight for impact. 

We use the insight to create "Conversations of Change" events which looks at the stories collected to co-produce new ways of working. 

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