Community Reporter Social Licence

Social Licence

Our goal is to develop a Community Reporter movement and have a network of 10,000 Community Reporters and 150 social licensee members across the UK and Europe by 2020. This scale of reach will ensure that communities are heard at all levels.

We feel that offering this programme to other organisations to deliver is the perfect way of extending the positive impact of the programme, whilst also benefiting licensee holders in the process. The four main features of the social license are:

Community Reporter training pack

1. Ready-made materials:

We provide you with a full training pack of materials - so you can run Community Reporter programmes - and a Train the Trainer programme so that you can deliver your training ‘off the peg’ in your area.  All the reporters  development and learner progression is managed by the Institute of Community Reporters and trained trainers become Platinum members of the ICR

2. Income generation:

We work with you on devising an income generation strategy that is a ‘best fit’ for your organisation and explore how you can make the license work for you financially. We also offer you paid commissions to undertake work on behalf of the Institute of Community Reporters 

3. Networking across UK and Europe:

We host regular Editorial Board meetings for licensee holders creating opportunities for sharing ideas and business across the European Network of Community Reporters.

4. Cross trade your products and services:
Being part of a network of other like-minded orgnaisations provides fantastic opportunities to cross trade or coproduce products and services, as well as sharing ideas. 

The social license incudes a four day Train the Trainer programme for up to 10 people and the right to have your reporters post content on the web site .  

For more information on social licenses, contact us.