Community Reporter Programme

Everyone has something to say about where they live, what they're experiencing, and what they want to see happen. Our Community Reporter Programme gives people a platform to have a voice - to challenge perceptions about their communities and to describe their own reality. The programme is provided by the Institute of Community Reporters and can be delivered by People’s Voice Media, or any of the accredited Platinum trainers that have completed the Train the Trainer programme through our Social Licensees

Our educational approach is based on the principle of developing a learning community that supports an asset based approach ie seeing value in the skills, knowledge and experience of the learners. We use what we call the TiPPS methodology:​​
  • Teach skills  through collaborative working
  • Practice skills in the real world 
  • Peer review to develop skills and knowledge and provide reflective practice
  • Share the skills and knowledge with others 
 The main features of the programme include:
  • An understanding of what Community Reporting is and how it differs from Citizen Journalism
  • A range of 'soft skills' such as improved communication, confidence and interview skills
  • A focus on Best Practice elements, including good understanding of editorial guidelines, consent and copyright
  • Teaching core skills such as photography, podcasting and film making using 'technology in the pocket' devices as well as the development of community newsletters. We also cover storytelling and interview skills on all the courses. 
  • Content distribution through the website and other social networks
  • Acknowledgement of achievement through the  Institute of Community Reporters (ICR) Community Reporter badge scheme
  • Flexibility to be delivered as either as a  Gold programme,  or shorter Silver programmes where learners are taught in bite size programmes. People with prior knowledge and skills can be accredited as an independent member 
  • We can also provide facilitated action learning sets with Community Reporters once the progarmme has been completed in order to review content and technical skills and develop peer to peer learning.  
  • Facilitated meet-up sessions with Community Reporters once the progarmme has been completed
  • Content produced by Community Reporters is used by the ICR to support its content curation work.

 Contact us for more details.