Training Courses

Computer Training

All our training programmes are accredited by the Institute  of Community Reporters and based on our  TiPPS Methodology.

In addition to Community Reporter courses, we also offer ICR silver accredited courses which can be tailored to meet you needs. Typical course are for around 10 people.  

Examples of some of the courses we offer are listed below:

  • Stories for a change
  • Introduction to Film-making
  • Producing a Video in a Day
  • Digital Photography
  • Producing a newsletter
  • Introduction to Blogging
  • Social Networks including Facebook,Twitter and Google +
  • Multimedia CV's

If you would like any more information then please contact us and we can have a more detailed discussion on your requirements.

Stories For A Change

Our one-day programme on story-making looks at what a story is; and how shaping something into a story is empowering and a catalyst for change, but is also something that humans do naturally. The course will explore different ways to structure a story, and will give you a toolkit of ideas on how to tell it compellingly.Our two-day programme covers all this, and also explores how to find and draw out the "untold story". It will give you activities that you can use with your interviewees, to empower them to tell the real story that is most important to them. This programme will be good for existing Community Reporters, as well as people interested in story-making as tool.

Introduction to Film-making

Delivered over 3 days this short course covers the whole process of making a film from initial idea to publishing finished film online. Learners agree a topic, create a pitch, draw up a storyboard, plan and shoot video, import video, edit video and save in appropriate format.

Producing a Video in a day

In this short one day course learners will get a taster of video by creating a short film. The session will cover brainstorming an idea, developing a storyboard, filming, basic editing and peer review.

Digital Photography

The course covers the basics of telling a story using pictures, the different features and functions of a digital camera, planning and taking a photograph, importing and editing a picture and exporting the image in appropriate format. Longer course are available which can work with a group to develop them into a photography club and also produce exhibitions

Producing a newsletter (Content production)

The course covers the basics of story writing, interview techniques, digital photography and running a newsroom. Learners would develop the skills to produce content for their local community newsletter.  People's Voice Media has worked with the Inspiring Communities community group to train local residents to produce content for Essence, a local newsletter delivered to over three thousand homes in East Salford and also supported Voluntary Youth Manchester to develop 4 youth magazine.

Producing a newsletter (Desk Top Publishing)

This course can be run alongside the content session (above) or as a standalone programme.  It includes an introduction to using a Desk Top Publishing programme and learners will be able  produce a print ready small four page newsletter/ magazine at the end


The course covers the popular blogging platform WordPress. The sessions will cover what a blog/ CMS (Content Management System) is, the difference between posts and pages, how to add text, images, links and embed videos on your blog and how to quickly and easily change the look of your blog.

Social Networks including Facebook, Twitter and Google+

People's Voice Media can deliver one day training sessions on a variety of social networks including Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You'll learn how to set up an account, how to find and "follow" people, how to post content including text, pictures and videos.