Commissioned work

Our flexible approach means that we have many different examples of how we've gathered voices and stories from individuals, communities and organisations. Look at our section Seeking Views to see how we can help you capture voices and stories to gain insight. You can see Community Reporter stories on the web site. Our Social Licensee also undertake numerous projects individually or together and these can be seen on the project section of the web site. We curate all our stories to produce features which can also be found on the features section of the site.

PVM undertakes commissions, some examples of which can be seen below:


Overcoming the Barriers

Overcoming the Barriers was a six month pilot to understand more about the barriers ex service personnel face when they need to access mental health services. The pilot was commissioned by NHS England and took place between October 2015 and March 2016. Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust led the pilot and worked in partnership with Walking with the Wounded, Veterans in Communities and Inspiration NW Ltd  See the reporter films and the final report here.

Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR)

The IPPR Think Tank wanted to listen to the concerns of the nation, so commissioned the network  to ask a cross-section of people about the pressures they face and the people who help them. We were able to carry out over 100 interviews across the UK, representing young, old, disabled, healthy, wealthy, working or not...and we gathered their stories. The result is a rich source of insight that contributed to the creation of a policy paper.

Big Lottery Fund

We worked with the Big Lottery Fund  to carry out over 120 interviews with people in communities all over the UK, to add their voice to the Big Lottery Fund Your voice / Our Vision consultation that supported the development of the new strategic framework. 

Being Well Salford: Two sides of the same story

This film charts the story of the coaches in Big Life  Well Being Salford projectThe coaches talk about the approach and give examples of clients who have changed their behavior as a result of the programme.

This film tells the story of the clients of the coaches covering difficulties in joining the programme, their experience and journey on the programme, and the impact it has had on their families. The clients told their story in the way they wanted to tell it​ and reflected a different persepctive of the service. 

Salford NHS Foundation Trust

Like many other NHS trusts around the country, Salford Royal have a real problem with missed appointments, especially among the younger outpatients. Kidney outpatients require constant management and monitoring which if missed normally ends up with these patients presenting at Accident and Emergency, all of which places an additional strain on NHS resources. This film made by the young people explores the reasons why there are missed appointments and what the hospital can do to reduce this.

Other films developed out of this with the  Advancing Quality Alliance (Aqua). We worked with young people to provide Insight films  on there fear, expectations and experience of transition from young people service to adult services. These insight were  for CAMHS services in the 5 Borough Partnership Warrington, Bridgewater Hospital and Oakfield High School and College (Special Needs) in Wigan  and Epilepsy services in Preston . These have been used to inform service transformation and review current service practice.   

Salford Heath Matters CCG

We undertook insight work with Salford Health Matters, a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), to explore why certain BME groups (Czech, Slovakian, Yemeni and Chinese)  go straight to A&E rather than to their GP.We trained up reporters in each of the groups and they asked members of their family and friends the reasons why.There were over 60 stories and experiences recorded.  The findings were used to change the way that the CCG provides services to these groups. 

Manchester University

NHS dentistry in the UK costs about £4billion a year. Over 90 per cent of activity takes place in general dental practices. The quality of, and access to, dental services is a cause for concern. A major barrier is that, unlike in general medical services, there is no agreed definition of quality and no trusted measures to assess and hence improve the quality of dentistry. Manchester University and Salford Royal Hospital Foundation Trust obtained a development grant from the NHS National Institute of  Health Research to undertake research  to: "Produce tested, service-ready quality measures and an overall toolkit to assess and improve the quality of primary dental care" We asked 86 people for their experience of dentists from a variety of backgrounds.  These were used by the research team to inform the larger findings  and will be used to support the larger grant bid. See the mid point evaluation film here.

North West Strategic Health Authority

Building on previous work we have done with Hospitals across the North West of England - around capturing views of patients using video booths, vox pops and training up service users as peer reporters within their service -  Inspiration NW approached People's Voice Media and the Patients Association to carry out a proof of concept project.The brief was to devise new ways of capturing people's experiences of healthcare to support the emergent Clinical Commissioning Groups in better understanding and utilising the voice of local people to influence commissioning. Find out more about this work 

The approach was so successful that PVM and the Patient Association replicated it in Scunthorpe, Bradford, Manchester and Nottingham NHS  to capture patient experience.

Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust

We trained service users from specialist mental health and drug and alcohol units in how to become skilled and confident ‘embedded’ reporters. The findings were shared with staff and management and used to refine service provision to best meet the needs of service users.

Find out more about how we helped to co-produce better services

Stroke Association 

We have been working with The Stroke Association to help stroke survivors create powerful films documenting the realities of their own lives and help rebuild their confidence after the inevitable trauma of having a stroke.

Read more about our work with The Stroke Association.

Orbit Housing Association 

Orbit wanted to hear more about the views of residents in their neighbourhoods. They decided to  train residents as Community Reporters. We trained 10 people to  share stories amongst their peers and to comment on corporate housing activity. They used blog posts, the community reporter web site and the housing association web site to tell the story of residents and highlight the activity on the estate. The progamme was so successfull it was nominated for the TPAS Awards 2014.

Contour Housing 

The housing association  was due to take over an estate but the residents had felt very disconnected from the previous association. Contour wanted to try an innovative approach in order to get residents' views and perspectives. They used the Community Reporter approach to collect stories and experiences on the estate.One resident, Diana, decided to present these as a video letter as she did not feel comfortable about writing a letter. This video letter lead to a online dialogue between the residents and the housing association, which eased tension when they finally met.

McCann Manchester

The company wanted to tender for a contract in the electricity  sector. However they felt they wanted to hear the perspectives of users and gather insight on people who do not normally have a voice  We captured the stories of 8 people’s experience of electricity companies. These were shown as part of the pitch and contributed to winning the contract.